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Successful Client Newsletters: The Complete Guide to Creating Powerful Newsletters

By Milton W. Zwicker

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Successful Client Newsletters: The Complete Guide to Creating Powerful Newsletters provides advice, samples, and solutions for the all-too-common strategic, editorial, and design problems legal professionals face when trying to create or maintain an effective newsletter for their clients.

Written specifically for lawyers, editors, writers, and marketers, this book offers expert guidance
on how to start a newsletter from scratch, redesign an existing one, or simply learn more about the design, production, and marketing of your newsletter. Milton Zwicker walks you through each step of the process so that you produce a newsletter that your clients look forward to receiving and won't dump in the circular file.

Successful Client Newsletters shares how to:

  • Develop a marketing plan for your newsletter. Five essential steps to planning a successful newsletter. Forms include target market analysis, goals and objectives analysis, and newsletter action plan.
  • Compose powerful headlines. Instructions on how to lure your readers with compelling headlines. Offers sample "hook'em" headlines and the 16 best promotional words to use.
  • Create compelling content. Learn how to develop content that satisfies your target audience. Offers writing tips, developing the lead, and working with volunteer editors. Forms include reader survey and annual content plan.
  • Establish a reasonable budget. Features discussions on design, editorial, production, and distribution costs. Sample forms include a planning report and a quarterly publishing budget.
  • Select an efficient format for print and Internet editions. How to design with color, use photographs and graphics, and pick the right format. Plus, the ins & outs of electronic publishing and how to meet the needs of your online readers.

If you are considering the publication of your first newsletter, or want to revamp your existing process, this book is a must-read. You'll get a thorough overview of the entire process and will refer to Zwicker's insights, charts, planning tools, writing ideas, and design tips time and time again.