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Amicus Attorney in One Hour for Lawyers

By David J. Bilinsky

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Here is the clear, concise information you need to maximize Amicus's powerful file manager, contact manager, calendar, time sheets, and call center features. The manual features more than 100 screen shots that support the book's simple explanations, as well as a variety of real-world examples. This book also provides helpful guidance for integrating Amicus Attorney into Word and WordPerfect, as well as dozens of keyboard shortcuts!

Organized into five short, interactive lessons, this guidebook covers such procedures as opening new files, adding contacts, creating To-Do's, tracking your time, managing your phone calls and messages, and more. After completing all of the lessons, you will have a thorough understanding of the basic features of Amicus Attorney and how to integrate it into your law practice. This book is a true time-saver and dependable reference.