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Telecommuting for Lawyers

By Nicole Belson Goluboff

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With today's advanced software, email, laptop computers, and cellular phones, telecommuting is a viable work solution for legal professionals. This book covers all the issues involved with telecommuting, helping both the law firm and employee plan and monitor a successful telecommuter program. Author Nicole Belson Goluboff shares how you can turn telecommuting into a profitable solution, offering valuable advice, worksheets, and 'fill-in-the-blank' forms throughout.

Telecommuting for Lawyers covers how to:

  • Develop policies and telecommuter authorizations
  • Train future telecommuters
  • Budget and save on overhead expenses
  • Make telework inviting and familiar
  • Design the monitor process
  • Choose the appropriate tools

Whether you're an employer or telecommuter, this book will give you a better understanding of the necessary tools and policies for this working arrangement to be a success. You'll discover how to submit a formal telecommuting proposal, implement the program, and reap the rewards.