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Through the Client's Eyes: New Approaches to Get Clients to Hire You Again & Again (Second Edition)

By Henry W. Ewalt

Lending Library Number: 42

In today's competitive legal marketplace, clients judge their lawyers not necessarily on their competence, but on how they treat their clients. Big firms and solos alike rely on clients coming back and recommending their firm to other potential clients. Client retention, getting clients to hire you again and again, can be one of the most important skills your firm can possess.

In this book, author and seasoned practitioner Henry Ewalt shares practical advice on building relationships and trust, uncovering some unlikely ways to make connections in addition to traditional methods. This book discusses time-tested marketing techniques, including brochures, newsletters, client dinners, and entertainment events. Important issues, such as client intake, client meetings, follow-up, dissemination of news, fee setting and collection, and e-mail communications are all discussed and expertly illustrated with timely examples and war stories.

This new revised edition covers every aspect of the lawyer-client relationship, giving sound advice and fresh ideas on how to develop and maintain excellent client connections. You'll learn how to head off misinterpretations that result in client dissatisfaction. How to forge alliances with other lawyers that can work to your advantage. How to think like a client and how to really listen when a client expresses expectations and concerns.

This book is a must-read for lawyers new to a firm, managing partners, solos, law firm marketing directors, and anyone working to build solid, lasting client relationships.