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Turning Points: New Paths & Second Careers for Lawyers

By George H. Cain

Lending Library Number: 43

Invaluable advice on new law-related career opportunities
Whether you are a retired practitioner looking for fresh challenges, or an experienced attorney who just wants a change, Turning Points will help you discover a rewarding new career that builds on your legal skills and experience.

Written specifically for lawyers, Turning Points focuses on your career options within the legal profession. You'll get valuable advice on where to find new law-related career opportunities, suggestions on networking, resumes and interviewing, plus tips from professionals who have made the transition into second careers.

A step-by-step plan to a new career
Beginning with the critical first step of self-appraisal, Turning Points will provide you with the tools you'll need to make the best decision for you and your family, including the financial and psychological considerations involved with career changes. You'll learn:

  • How to identify your personal values and motivations, and then determine what career options best fulfill these needs
  • How to assess your current and future financial situation, including the cost of malpractice insurance, potential overhead expenses, occupational taxes and dues, and taxes on retirement plan distributions
  • How to deal with the personal and professional changes that accompany a new career

A variety of law-related career choices
Turning Points examines a variety of law-related career options, whether you're looking for a complete change, or just a change of scenery. It covers:

  • Remaining in law practice—moving from a large firm to a small firm or vice versa, drafting an of counsel agreement, establishing a real estate practice, or going solo (including the expenses involved in opening an office)
  • Moving from private practice into related fields—exploring the possibilities of politics, the judiciary, government service, academia, and pro bono work
  • Moving into private practice from other legal fields—what to expect when moving from a corporate law department, from the judiciary, and from academia
  • Quasi-legal activities—opportunities in alternative dispute resolution, and serving as an expert witness

Plus a detailed appendix provides you with a list of more than 50 people and organizations to help you get started on your search for new law-related career opportunities.

Turning Points is a thoughtful, thorough guide that will help you discover a variety of new career options while continuing to use your legal expertise. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each, and then decide whether or not you have reached a turning point.