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Women Rainmakers' Best Marketing Tips (Second Edition)

By Theda C. Snyder

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An Updated Edition of a Classic Bestseller
Success depends on innovative planning, but brainstorming for new ideas takes valuable time. In one quick read you can get dynamic, creative, and practical ideas that can work for your firm.

Women Rainmakers' Best Marketing Tips, Second Edition, is the updated collection of easy-to-read helpful hints and strategies from Theda Snyder, one of the recognized leaders of women rainmakers nationwide, and the ABA Women Rainmakers of the ABA Law Practice Management Section.

Ideas that Work
The book contains well over one hundred tips you can put to use right away to positively impact your marketing strategy. Learn creative marketing strategies that will build your client base. Discover new action plans that fit your personal style and strengthen your rainmaking skills. Ten chapters hone in on the basics of marketing, including:

  • Your marketing plan
  • Image
  • Networking
  • Communications
  • Public relations
  • Writing and speaking
  • Inside your law practice
  • Advertising and electronic marketing
  • Entertainment and gifts
  • Making the pitch (soliciting new business)

Learn from other lawyers who have had success in using these techniques. You'll find valuable advice on how to:

  • Develop a professional image
  • Implement a workable marketing plan
  • Write an effective press release
  • Network with ease
  • Developing relationships
  • Advertise selectively and effectively
  • Choose appropriate gifts for clients
  • Line up speaking engagements
  • Promote yourself within your firm
  • Using e-mail effectively

Not For Women Only
Anyone involved in marketing a firm can benefit from the down-to-earth advice in this book.