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How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay (Second Edition)

By J. Harris Morgan & Jay G. Foonberg

Lending Library Number: 47

For the first time ever, noted law practice management authorities J. Harris Morgan and Jay Foonberg have joined forces to write this newly revised and expanded second edition. Over the years, tens of thousands of lawyers have been inspired, entertained, and motivated by their insight, guidance, and instruction; now these two distinguished authors share their secrets on client billing so you, too, can get paid without delay, hassle, or misunderstandings. Don't spend one more day sending clients bills they feel are unfair or unjustified, risking unpaid invoices, loss of clients, and missed client referrals-a lose-lose situation. Instead, spend an hour or two with Morgan and Foonberg as they take you step by step through the process of building the client relationship, setting the appropriate fee agreement, and drafting the bill that will get you paid. You'll find, in plain language, a rational and workable approach to creating fee agreements and bills that satisfy your clients and motivate them to pay. Comparisons and samples of fee agreements and invoices are integrated throughout the text, along with a clear explanation of which methods work best-and why. Nothing has a more dramatic and immediate impact on successful client relations and your bottom line as your approach to drafting bills. Motivated clients will pay their bills with a higher degree of reliability. Satisfied clients will help you to grow your practice. A quick read of this book will give you a lifetime of increased profits, better cash flow, and improved client satisfaction. Over the years, generations of lawyers have looked to Harris Morgan and Jay Foonberg for their advice and counsel; now you, too, can benefit from their wisdom.