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Lawyer's Guide to Increasing Revenue, The: Unlocking the Profit Potential in Your Firm

By Arthur G. Greene

Lending Library Number: 53

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

If you are ready to look beyond cost-cutting and short-term solutions, and toward new revenue opportunities, then The Lawyer's Guide to Increasing Revenue will show you how you can achieve growth using the resources you already have at your firm. The vast majority of law firms continue to leave dollars on the table. Now you can ensure your firm isn't one of them.

Discover the factors that affect your law firm's revenue production, how to evaluate them, and how to take specific action steps designed to increase your returns. The book will also show you how to fully develop your plans into a multi-year strategy for improved long-term financial results.

You'll learn how to best improve performance and profitability in each of these key areas:

  • Billable hours and rates
  • Profit expense ratio
  • Client relations and intake
  • Fee agreements
  • Collections and accounts receivable
  • Technology
  • Paralegals
  • Marketing
  • and more!

Many firms spend a lot of wasted energy paving the way to profitability only through reducing expenses or adjusting billable hours and hourly rates. But using only these approaches can oftentimes negatively impact staff morale and client relationships. Now you can learn to channel those same efforts toward implementing the effective revenue approaches outlined in this book, still using the resources you already have in place!

In seventeen chapters, you'll learn strategies that focus on maintaining positive client relations and healthy law firm environments, and find practical step-by-step plans that will result in improved revenue and larger profits at your firm.

Included with the book is a CD-ROM featuring sample policies, worksheets, plans, and documents designed to aid implementation of the ideas presented in the book.

Documents featured in the companion CD-ROM include:

  • Nine different financial reporting and tracking tools
  • Financial indicators and revenue capacity worksheets
  • Client intake and policies and procedures
  • Sample billable hour and time recording policies
  • Paralegal hiring and profitability worksheets
  • And many more!

It's a fact: law firms that want to improve their profits need to identify and implement effective revenue approaches and develop a multi-year plan for achieving better financial results. The Lawyer's Guide to Increasing Revenue will show you revenue recommendations that work, using your existing firm resources. Let this book guide you toward a profitable and sustainable future!