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Managing Partner 101: A Guide to Successful Law Firm Leadership (Second Edition)

By Lawrence G. Green

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Typically, lawyer managers in a firm have few, if any, opportunities for formal management training. The leaders in a law firm all too often lack the education in finance, ethics, and leadership they need to run a business.Managing Partner 101: A Leadership Guide for Building the Successful Law Firm, offers suggestions, tips, and the basic ground rules for any lawyers who must manage other lawyers.

Written by Lawrence G. Green, managing partner of Perkins, Smith & Cohen, LLP in Boston for ten years, this insightful guidebook gives important first-hand advice applicable to managing partners, partners-in-charge of an office, department heads, administrators, and committee chairs.

A law firm's success is not simply a function of its win-loss percentage on cases, nor is it merely a function of its profitability. This book first examines the four cornerstones of a successful law firm that act as reference points for the lawyer managers in their day-to-day management efforts. Firms whose managers adhere to these four cornerstones can be successful and grow, no matter what their current size.

The book is divided into four main areas, crucial to any firm's operations:

  • Part one presents an essential leadership guide for the managing partner, and is filled with commonsense suggestions for the lawyer manager.
  • Part two discusses the infrastructure of the firm, and helps the manager find the balance between the need for efficient and intelligent decision-making, and the desire for the individual partner to be heard on any given matter.
  • Part three examines the firm's human resources, and the steps necessary to create a working atmosphere in which support staff is happy and productive.
  • Part four offers creative ideas for programs that can enhance a firm's dynamics and synergies, including a client roundtable program and a case presentation program.