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Strengthening Your Firm: Strategies for Success

By Arthur G. Greene

Lending Library Number: 58

Here's an "owner's manual" for the successful management of today's law firm. Arthur Greene and a team of experts share valuable insights and practical advice on important topics such as adapting to change, meeting partnership challenges, dealing with financial problems and governance, protecting and nurturing the institution, improving leadership and communication, and more.

Strengthening Your Firm addresses what to do after your practice is up and running. Perfect for lawyers who want to ensure the success and well-being of their practice, this book is best described as an owner's manual for the law firm in the 21st century. It will help firms of all sizes recognize and implement the changes they need to make in order to continue to survive and thrive.

Strengthening Your Firm offers valuable insights and tips on such important topics as:

  • change management
  • techniques for communicating effectively
  • how to address financial challenges
  • governance and common management problems
  • protecting and nurturing the institution
  • two-tiered partnerships
  • compensating law firm owners
  • partner selection, termination and retirement
  • formulating an organizational culture

This book also features an extensive financial glossary as well as working documents to help you design your own financial reports. Plus, thorough guidelines on partner work acceptance and billing and collection procedures. With Strengthening Your Firm, you'll get all the essential information and tools to bring your practice to the next level.