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Think Again! Innovative Approaches to the Business of Law

By Jeffrey L. Nischwitz

Lending Library Number: 61

Today's reality is that success in the practice of law requires business solutions, and this book provides the ideas, strategies, and tactics to help you take your legal career and law firm to new heights of business success. Think Again! is about creating a client-centric law firm and delivering great client service, differentiating your law firm from other firms, and developing the specific skills and strategies needed for effective and productive relationship building and business development results.

The innovative but practical advice on building an exceptional law firm begins with how to empower your people, build successful teams, and add value to your service. You'll also learn the secrets of effective selling through existing relationships, how to take advantage of everyday opportunities, and consistent and reliable ways to bring new clients into the firm. Finally, learn the seven "BEs" of business development, seven vital ways your firm needs to "be" to affect change and achieve results.

It is no longer good enough to just be a good lawyer, lawyers need to be great managers, great client-service providers, great communicators, and great marketers. Rethink the way you do business, reposition your firm to stand out among your competitors, and reap the many benefits loyal and satisfied clients bring.