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How to Capture & Keep Clients: Marketing Strategies for Lawyers

By Jennifer J. Rose

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Ever try to run a law firm without clients? Your first job as a lawyer is to capture and keep your clients.

The biggest questions asked by solo or small firm practitioners are:

  • Where do I find clients?
  • How do I keep them?

The value of your practice is not your time or talent, it's your clients.

In this new, in-depth book, How to Capture and Keep Clients: Marketing Strategies for Lawyers, the best and most innovative solo and small firm lawyers give you their secrets, approaches, and strategies to that age-old puzzle of growing your law firm.

Through this wealth of savvy advice, you'll learn how to:

  • Ask for business
  • Attract and keep clients
  • Network
  • Partner with other lawyers
  • Build a virtual law firm
  • Market a specialty or boutique practice
  • Market to ethnic communities
  • Market in a small town
  • Use technology in client development
  • Create a service-centered firm
  • Brand your law firm just like the big firms do
  • Make marketing part of your daily practice
  • Avoid ethical marketing mistakes
  • The book is packed with strategies on how to overcome obstacles and position yourself for lifelong success.

This step-by-step, how-to guide is so easy to use—you don't even have to read the chapters in consecutive order to get the full benefit. Read the chapters that are most important to you right now, and implement those techniques. What is not-so-important today, may have greater meaning in a few months.