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The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering

By James A. Durham

Lending Library Number: 63

Good things do indeed come in small packages. This is the case with the new 53-page pocketbook by marketer Jim Durham. This is a booklet that you should order in bulk, so that you can have numerous copies on your desk as a gift for every visitor to your office.

A veteran marketer, Durham's core thesis is simple: being a great lawyer IS the best business development plan. This will be music to the ears of many lawyers, who are reluctant to enter the pedestrian traffic of marketing.

The table of contents is succinct:

1. Setting the Stage for Greatness
2. The Essence of Great Lawyering
3. The Common Characteristics of Great Lawyers

It's a classic pocket book, meant to be read on a train ride home from work or on an airplane business trip.