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Successful Lawyer: Powerful Strategies for Transforming Your Practice, The

By Gerald A. Riskin

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Global management consultant and trusted advisor to many of the worlds' largest law firms, Gerald Riskin, authors this comprehensive and inspirational book conveying practical and helpful solutions to make your practice not only more profitable, but far more satisfying. Large firm or small, regardless of position, The Successful Lawyer provides you with valuable road-tested advice that is immediately helpful and rewarding. This comprehensive book explains how to transform the lawyer you are right now into a more exciting, fulfilling, and profitable one. You'll learn how to re-plan your future and build skills in a wide arena, including areas such as active listening, client rapport, effective delegation, dealing with complaints, effective meetings, and business development. Dare to dream! If you're looking for ways to enhance your personal practice, allowing you both added income and increased satisfaction, then look no further.