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LawyerLife: Finding a Life & a Higher Calling in the Practice of Law

By Carl Horn, III

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Is law a "high calling" or just another dollar-driven business?

Why are an increasing number of lawyers dissatisfied with their chosen profession?

What is behind the low public opinion of lawyers, who used to be held in high esteem?

These are just a few of the questions addressed in this timely and insightful book on the contemporary practice of law.

Judge Horn draws on his rich experience in private practice, nonprofit and government service, and for the past ten years as a U.S. Magistrate Judge, to make many practical suggestions for those seeking fulfillment in their legal careers. Topics covered range from the most practical to the historical and philosophical.

Lawyers at all stages of practice will be challenged by Judge Horn's twelve steps toward fulfillment In the practice of law, and by his principled suggestions directed to law schools, law firms, and the organized bar.

Those who encourage lawyers and law students to absorb the message in these pages are likely to be remembered years later by appreciative lawyers who use this book to achieve the kind of balanced excellence it advocates.