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Changing Jobs: A Handbook for Lawyers in the New Millennium (Third Edition)

By Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier

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Changing Jobs: A Handbook for Lawyers in the New Millennium, Third Edition helps you design your own route to professional happiness. More than 30 recognized experts in the fields of Law and career placement offer valuable insight and guidance to discovering the direction that's right for you. You'll learn to:

  • Define your desired destination
  • Develop a clear sense of direction and purpose
  • Map out the best path to take to reach your goals
  • Use creative introspection to thoughtfully assess the past in order to plan the future
  • Rate yourself in such areas as leadership, commitment and drive, creative problem solving, networking, staff management, client counseling
  • Draft your resume strategically with each employer's criteria balanced against your own experience and agenda
  • Identify firms that take equal opportunity seriously
  • Allocate your time and resources for the most effective and efficient job search
  • Make your final decision with confidence and excitement about the future
  • And more