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Creative Lawyer, The

By Michael F. Melcher

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The Creative Lawyer is a self-help and career-management book for lawyers of all levels of experience. Written by Michael Melcher, one of America's leading career coaches who is himself an attorney, the book is a step-by-step method for imagining and realizing your path to personal and professional satisfaction.

Brilliantly written, consistently practical, and filled with scores of illuminating exercises, The Creative Lawyer is the book that the profession has been waiting for.

"Professional satisfaction," the author writes, "is a question of creating what you want, not just waiting for it to appear. You become the creative lawyer when you take stewardship of your own life and career. This means analyzing your desires, interests, temperament and ambitions. It means designing goals related to things you're sure about and designing experiments about things you're not. It means mastering the present while anticipating the future." This book shows you how, precisely, to do these things.

If you're a young lawyer, The Creative Lawyer will give you a template for envisioning and managing your own professional development, whatever path you choose.

If you're an experienced lawyer, The Creative Lawyer book will help you to reassess and renew your career. It will aid you in understanding how your own values and passions might have changed over the years, and what to do if they have.

If you are unhappy or stuck in your career, the book will help you figure out ways to ameliorate your problems and gradually get to a place where your work is in synch with who you really are.

If you are happy in your career, The Creative Lawyer will help you to manage your career so that you can stay happy.

If you are not sure what you think about your career, The Creative Lawyer will give you a framework for sorting things out and moving forward amidst ambiguity.