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Every Relationship Matters

By Peter E. Rouse

Lending Library Number: 92

Learn how to harness the power of relationships—with yourself, clients, and colleagues—to help you define and achieve professional and personal success. Peter Rouse provides a framework to guide you in instituting reflection and change in your life in order to build and maintain relationships. Although the author uses lawyers and law firms as examples, anyone interested in utilizing relationships with clients and colleagues to improve their business or their self will benefit from this book.

  • Identify your firm's true values and discover what qualities are needed to develop them further
  • Learn to value and appreciate clients as a means for positive change
  • Discover how to handle responsibility and blame in a client-focused perspective
  • Change your self-perception and improve your perception of the world
  • Learn how your workspace can effect client-perception
  • Recognize and embrace change as an opportunity for growth within the firm
  • Understand important skills of self-management and learn to listen to physical signals
  • Learn simple behavioral techniques to build trust and lasting relationships
  • Promote the conditions within your firm that will allow relationship building to flourish

From the Introduction

    The threads that run through this book are to do with the "inner game": the richness and reward of becoming fully involved in what is going on inside you and at the same time building the capacity of seeing differently what is going on around you and your part in creating it; you as co-author of your relationships with colleagues and clients. Rather than writing about business, my focus is on learning about effectiveness in relationships on behalf of your business, for yourself and for the firm. This is a new field of advantage and one that offers lasting success in business and quality in life. I believe that the capacities and life skills I am addressing are what are needed to make the practice of Law sustainable and profitable.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Relationships
  • Chapter 2: Our Human Condition
  • Chapter 3: Body Matters
  • Chapter 4: Integrity
  • Chapter 5: Alignment and Coherence
  • Chapter 6: Valuing Others
  • Chapter 7: Collaboration
  • Chapter 8: Responsibility
  • Chapter 9: Conditions for Change
  • Chapter 10: Behavior
  • Chapter 11: Capacity Building
  • Conclusion