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Access to Justice Campaign—Supporting Civil Legal Aid to the Poor in Michigan

The Access to Justice Campaign seeks to ensure access and fairness for all in the justice system. The ATJ Campaign is a collaborative centralized campaign, administered by the Michigan State Bar Foundation in partnership with the State Bar of Michigan, to increase resources for sixteen regional and statewide civil legal aid programs in Michigan. The participating programs encourage support through the ATJ Fund.

The ATJ Campaign is transitioning to a centralized model of fundraising to support civil legal aid throughout the state. The newly designed centralized fundraising campaign is strongly premised on the fact that people living in poverty, regardless of geography, deserve equitable access to justice. Centralizing the ATJ Campaign will yield a more rigorous and well-coordinated fundraising effort with a consistent message to attorneys across the state.

A new and comprehensive website is being created that will highlight the great work being done by civil legal aid agencies throughout the state, and showcase ATJ Campaign donors. We look forward to working with all Michigan attorneys on building a more robust ATJ Campaign that will make access to justice a reality for those in poverty throughout the state.

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If you have any questions about contributions to the ATJ Fund, please contact Laura Musachio, ATJ Campaign coordinator, at or (517) 346-6405.