State Bar of Michigan
Volume 9, Issue 1, February 2014

Committee on Justice Initiatives and Equal Access Initiative Disabilities Project

Disabilities Project Newsletter

At the 2013 SBM Annual Meeting the Equal Access Initiative in conjunction with the Criminal Law Section and Prisons and Corrections Section offered programming on problem solving courts. The program explored the follow-up assessment of pilot projects across Michigan and discussed the matter of people with mental health care needs encountering the legal system. Across the spectrum of the system, from law enforcement to courts to corrections, people with special needs face unique barriers to overcome in order to be appropriately served. A two-panel discussion looked at the issues from multiple views in an effort to identify solutions to support access to justice for every individual. Read the excerpt from the Michigan Department of Community Health's Statewide Mental Health Court Outcome Evaluation Aggregate Report as compiled by Dr. Sheryl Kubiak, one of the authors of the report. You can also listen to the entire Annual Meeting presentation at as well as find the full report.

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