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June 22, 2020
Volume 18, Issue 25

At the Capitol

6/24 House Judiciary, 8:00 a.m. MORE
HB 5551 (Julie Alexander) Vehicles; snowmobiles; improper display of registration decal; decriminalize.
HB 5684 (John Cherry) Vehicles; snowmobiles; noncompliance to provide a certificate of registration; decriminalize.
HB 5685 (Tim Sneller) Vehicles; registration; failure to properly register, transfer title, or obtain plates on vehicles; modify penalties.
HB 5686 (Annette Glenn) Vehicles; registration; penalties for uses of certain farm-related vehicles that violate certain registration requirements; provide for.
HB 5687 (Beau LaFave) Watercraft; safety; failure to exhibit safety certificate; decriminalize.
HB 5688 (David LaGrand) Vehicles; registration plates; penalties for invalid or improper registration plates; modify.
HB 5689 (Beau LaFave) Vehicles; snowmobiles; reckless operation of a snowmobile; decriminalize.
HB 5690 (David LaGrand) Traffic control; driver license; penalties for violations of temporary instruction permit; modify.
HB 5691 (Graham Filler) Vehicles; registration plates; penalties for unauthorized use of dealer plates; modify.
HB 5692 (Gregory Markkanen) Vehicles; snowmobiles; safety standards for snowmobiles; decriminalize.
HB 5693 (Beau LaFave) Vehicles; off-road; improperly crossing road or street; decriminalize.
HB 5694 (Steven Johnson) Natural resources; fishing; penalties for certain hunting and fishing licensing violations; modify.
HB 5695 (Mike Mueller) Natural resources; fishing; penalties for certain fishing violations; modify.
HB 5696 (Ronnie Peterson) Transportation; motor carrier fuel tax; motor carrier fuel tax act; modify penalties.
HB 5697 (Gary Howell) Natural resources; hunting; penalties for violations of certain hunting provisions; modify.
HB 5698 (Kyra Bolden) Vehicles; registration; penalties for violations of moped registration fees; modify.
HB 5699 (Tenisha Yancey) Traffic control; violations; penalty for failure to provide proof of license or other receipt while operating a vehicle; modify.
HB 5802 (Mike Mueller) Traffic control; driver license; penalties for driving on suspended license; modify.
HB 5803 (Kyra Bolden) Traffic control; violations; reporting requirements for misdemeanor conviction; eliminate.
HB 5804 (Gary Howell) Traffic control; violations; collection of biometric data for traffic violation; eliminate.
HB 5837 (Ronnie Peterson) Law enforcement; training; mental health and law enforcement response training; require for law enforcement officers.
SB 945 (Jeff Irwin) Law enforcement; training; mental health and law enforcement response training; require for law enforcement officers.
HB 5859 (Phil Green) Courts; probate court; probate district court; create combined district for Huron and Sanilac Counties.

Legislative Action Last Week:
Summary of legislative action on all bills that the State Bar or sections of the State Bar have taken positions.
HB 5795 (Estate & Protected Individuals Code, Electronic Signature of Wills) passed out of the House Judiciary Committee with a H-1 Substitute adopted. The bill is currently waiting for final passage on the House floor.
Elder Law & Disability Rights Section on HB 5795: Oppose.
Probate & Estate Planning Section on HB 5795: Oppose.

Legislation Introduced 6/16/20–6/18/20
This week bills were introduced in the following areas of law:

At the Court

Supreme Court Resolution Celebrates Reunification Month

Michigan Courts Receive $4.5 Million Grant to Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic

At the Bar

In Memoriam: John A. Krsul, 48th SBM President

Jonathan B. Frank: Making Litigation More Efficient and Less Expensive in the Post-COVID World and Beyond

Stephen R. Estey, Lauren A. Evers & Peter M. Grace: Virtual Reality—Navigating Land Use and Zoning Decisions in the COVID-19 Era

Judicial Vacancy—Ogemaw County

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