SBM Services Provided to Sections

Sections & Committees Service Contact Person

Core and enhanced services to sections

Jennifer Hatter
(517) 346-6414


Financial Statements

Becky Weaver
(517) 346-6321

Payables & Section Expense Forms

Alpa Patel
(517) 346-6362

Membership Lists

Joyce Nordeen
(517) 346-6373


Room Reservations at SBM
Meeting notices via e-mail
Request Form

Doreen Dobias
(517) 346-6314

*Events Planning

Kari Thrush
(517) 346-6371

Press Releases


Nancy Brown
(517) 346-6350


*Agenda Packets
*Design Services

Stacy Ozanich
(517) 346-6315

*Section Seminars

Jennifer Hatter
(517) 346-6414

*Annual Meeting

Kari Thrush
(517) 346-6371

*Seminar Registration

Website Updates

Section pages
*Section surveys
*Section e-blasts

Julie Turcotte
(517) 346-6318

Andrew Marks
(517) 367-6427


The Modern Firm LLC is available to host and support section listservs. They can be reached at To access section listservs visit

(All the above services can be coordinated through the Sections & Committees Department. However, if you prefer, please feel free to contact the individual staff person responsible for that service.)

*Cost charged to section