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March 20, 2017
Volume 15, Issue 12

In the Capitol

3/21 House Appropriations: General Government, 9:00 a.m. MORE
Agenda Item of Interest:
Testimony on the FY 2017-18 Executive Budget Recommendations for General Government: Department of Attorney General.

3/21 Senate Appropriations: Judiciary, 9:00 a.m. MORE
Pretrial risk assessment.

3/21 House Law and Justice, 9:00 a.m. MORE
HB 4065 Modify prohibition against the department of corrections hiring a formerly convicted felon;
HB 4213 Require obtaining court order before nonconsensual preliminary chemical breath testing of a minor;
HB 4302 Increase penalties for assault of court personnel;
HB 4303 Amend crime of assaulting a prosecuting attorney and other public officers; 
HB 4304 Reflect increase in penalty for sentencing guidelines for crime of assaulting or obstructing certain officials that causes serious impairment;
For Referral to the Committee on Judiciary:
HJR C Expand search and seizure protections to include electronic communications and seizures.

3/21 House Judiciary, 12:00 p.m. MORE
SB 49 Modify provision related to compensation for professional guardian or professional conservator;
HB 4288 Modify jurisdiction to establish a support order in certain circumstances under uniform interstate family support act (UIFSA);
HB 4272 Allow township supervisors to perform marriages;
HB 4131 Provide for forfeiture of employer contributions to a defined contribution plan if public employee is convicted of certain felonies;
For Referral to the Committee on Law and Justice:
HB 4076 Enact sentencing guidelines for altering or tampering with data in an official report.

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Legislative Action Last Week:
Summary of legislative action on all bills that the State Bar or sections of the State Bar have taken positions.
HB 4148, HB 4154, and HB 4157 (Freedom of Information Act) passed the House on March 16.

HB 4070 (Property Rights Preservation Act) was reported out of House Agriculture as Substitution H-1.

HB 4077 (Freedom of Information Act, Prohibition for Public Bodies Commencing Civil Actions Against Entities Making FOIA Requests) passed the House on March 16 108 to 0.

Legislation Introduced 3/14–3/16
Last week bills were introduced in the following areas of law:

In the Hall of Justice

Toxic tort case subject of high school 'Moot Court' through Supreme Court Learning Center summer program; Students to decide if plaintiff proved toxins caused illness

Supreme Court Highlights Success of Problem-Solving Court Graduates and Judges

At the Bar

New SBM Section Will Focus on LGBTQA Law

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