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Final Notice: Pay State Bar of Michigan Dues Now to Avoid Suspension

Dear State Bar of Michigan Member,

Our records indicate that we have not yet received your 2018-2019 State Bar of Michigan membership dues. Dues are payable by October 1 of each year.

In order to avoid suspension for nonpayment of dues in February 2019, please pay your State Bar of Michigan dues as soon as possible. Suspension for nonpayment of bar dues might also impact your ability to seek admission to practice in another jurisdiction, even on a pro hac vice basis.

To access your member record to pay your dues and complete your mandatory disclosures, go to and log in using your previously assigned login and password. Or, go to and click on "Member Area Login."

Once logged in, click on "Pay Your Dues Now." You must first fill out your mandatory disclosures, and then will be able to pay online with a credit or debit card, or with an e-check. If you prefer not to pay online, you will also be able to print a remittance document and mail it with a check to State Bar of Michigan, PO Box 1406, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1406.

If you have any questions, or believe you have already paid your dues, please contact us at (517) 346-6377.


Dues Processing
State Bar of Michigan