Limited Scope Representation Alert From State Bar of Michigan
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Limited Scope Representation Alert

Thank you for your interest in Limited Scope Representation (LSR), and for signing up to receive occasional LSR alerts from the State Bar of Michigan. This is the first such alert.

In early January, the State Bar will post to its website an instructional video to introduce and explain the rule changes going into effect January 1, 2018.

Amendments have been made to Michigan Court Rules 2.107, 2.117, and 6.001, and Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct 1.0, 1.2, 4.2, and 4.3. These amendments address critical topics in the LSR context ranging from, among others, defining informed consent and the scope of representation, to communicating with a person represented by counsel, to the duration of a limited appearance. The video will walk the viewer through these and other issues, explain the changes to both the court rules and rules of professional conduct, and discuss their likely impact. This website video will be the first of many resources designed to provide LSR-related education and training to practitioners, to judges and court staff, and to the general public.

To spearhead the development, evaluation, and dissemination of such materials, the State Bar has formed an LSR work group. Besides developing LSR-related education and training materials, the work group is focused on many tasks such as drafting template LSR forms and checklists (e.g., LSR engagement letters, motions for limited appearance, etc.), identifying metrics and effective evaluation tools, and similar work to promote LSR in Michigan and help ensure its success.

A short article with more information on limited scope has been posted on the Bar’s website. Please read the article and share it with any interested colleagues, sections, or bar associations.

Please forward this email to others who may be interested in LSR.

Thank you once again for your interest in and support of LSR.