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In 1936, our first State Bar President, Roberts P. Hudson, wrote “No organization of lawyers can long survive which has not for its primary object the protection of the public.” Since that time, generations of Michigan lawyers have worked tirelessly for the benefit of Michigan communities, in and out of crisis.

During this time of converging crises, with an onslaught of legal needs arising from the widespread social unrest stemming from the unfortunate legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, the disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus, and the devastation brought about by flooding, we ask that you remember the Lawyer’s Oath, and remember the causes of the defenseless and oppressed.

Every moment is a potential call to action for justice. In times of crisis, the call sounds clearest. The State Bar of Michigan can help you answer that call. 

  • Volunteer your pro bono legal services to those in need | Email
  • Join the State Bar’s ongoing access to justice and diversity and inclusion work | Volunteer at
  • Contribute to the Access to Justice Campaign | Donate at
  • Work with the State Bar, affinity bars, and local bars to organize community conversations about racial justice in marginalized communities | Email
  • Help people with legal needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic | Email
  • Help people with legal needs related to the Midland flooding | Email
  • Share your ideas about additional actions lawyers can take | Email

The State Bar of Michigan does not speak for all 46,254 Michigan lawyers, but through your actions we will always speak for the rule of law and equal justice for all.


Dennis M. Barnes Robert J. Buchanan Dana M. Warnez James W. Heath

Dennis M. Barnes

Robert J. Buchanan

Vice President
Dana W. Warnez

James W. Heath

Daniel D. Quick Aaron V. Burrell Chelsea M. Rebeck
Nicholas M. Ohanesian

Daniel D. Quick

Representative Assembly Chair
Aaron V. Burrell

Representative Assembly
Vice Chair

Chelsea M. Rebeck

Representative Assembly Clerk
Nicholas M. Ohanesian

Please note that the State Bar of Michigan is prohibited from taking positions on specific ideological or political issues outside of the regulation of the legal profession or improvements in the quality of legal services.