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Please Consider Volunteering: New Opportunities Available

As you know, there has been tremendous excitement and energy throughout the 2017–2018 bar year, including an incredible response to our innovative new volunteer application and placement process. As but one example, our effort last year to attract more volunteers than ever before was a huge success. So much so that we were overwhelmed with many more volunteers than immediate opportunities to place them with a State Bar committee or work group. Fortunately, there are other avenues open to volunteers looking to make a contribution during this bar year, and we invite you to consider one or more of the following.

The State Bar values your ideas and perspectives, and is always interested in hearing from you. In the near future, we will be convening focus groups on a variety of topics such as alternative fee arrangements, business development for solo and small firm practitioners, and affordable legal services. If you are interested in being invited to participate in a focus group, please provide your contact information here.

And here are some additional opportunities of which you may not be aware:

  • Law-related education programs (local and statewide) are always looking for attorneys to serve in many capacities including as presenters, judges, and in other roles. Such programs include High School Mock Trial, We the People, Law Day, and Constitution Day. Learn more here.

  • Become one of the volunteer attorneys who provide responses to online legal questions through MI Free Legal Answers. To learn more about MI Free Legal Answers, please contact Robert Mathis, State Bar Pro Bono Counsel, (517) 346-6412, or

  • Follow this link to learn more about pro bono opportunities.

  • If you are in private practice and looking for ways to expand your business portfolio while also helping to close the access to justice gap, you may be interested in one or both of the following.

Thank you for all you do.


Don Rockwell, President
State Bar of Michigan