Workers' Compensation Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan
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WCBOM Updated August Magistrate Dates

Dear Workers’ Compensation Section member,

Please review the current reassigned hearing dates document.

The Council has been meeting and addressing the current concerns of all the members during this time. To facilitate further conferences and movement of the docket, I have been provided the following by Chief Magistrate Luke McMurray:

To Counsel

As you may be aware due to the latest Executive Order, in-person hearings continue to be suspended. I know that you are all ready to get back to work and get the cases moving through the system. The magistrates will be doing conferences on some of their older cases at their discretion. You will be contacted regarding those matters. If you would like to have a conference on ANY pending file please contact the hearing site where the file is pending to obtain a time on the file’s current date (i.e, August 4, 2020, not the new date on the document). Please note that there will be a limited number of openings per day. If you do not have a conference on your file, please see the document to obtain your auto-adjourned date. Please see the “support staff page” on the document for contact information for each hearing site.