Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan

May 17, 2021
Volume 19, Issue 20

At the Capitol

5/18 House Judiciary, 9:00 a.m. MORE
HB 4240 (Rep. Jeff Yaroch) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposition of funds from civil asset forfeiture; clarify.
HB 4241 (Rep. Douglas Wozniak) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposal of funds from seized vehicles; clarify.
HB 4562 (Rep. Sarah Lightner) Corrections: parole; parole board review process; modify.
HB 4563 (Rep. Angela Witwer) Corrections: parole; parole board review process; modify.
HB 4719 (Rep. Robert Bezotte) Corrections: state facilities; certain individuals to immediately be housed in department of corrections; require.
HB 4724 (Rep. Graham Filler) Crimes: surveillance; exemption to the prohibition of recording a private conversation to allow a homeowner to conduct both audio and video recordings in his or her home under certain circumstances; provide for.

5/18 House Families, Children, and Seniors,  12:00 p.m. MORE
HB 4640 (Rep. Annette Glenn) Children: child abuse or child neglect; definition of neglect in the child abuse and neglect prevention act; modify.
HB 4644 (Rep. Rodney Wakeman) Individual income tax: deductions; definition of dependent; include fetus.
Presentations given by the Michigan Alzheimer’s Association and the Elder Law and Disability Rights Section of the State Bar of Michigan.

5/19 House Agriculture, 10:30 a.m. MORE
Agenda Item of Interest:
HB 4550 (Rep. Bryan Posthumus) Courts: juries; postponement of jury service; allow for farmers during certain months.
SBM Position on HB 4550: Oppose.

Legislation Introduced
Recently, bills were introduced in the following areas of law:

At the Bar

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