Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan

May 24, 2021
Volume 19, Issue 21

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At the Capitol

5/25 House Judiciary, 9:00 a.m. MORE
HB 4222 (Rep. Graham Filler) Courts: judges; procedure for certain circuit court judges to sit as judges of the court of claims; establish.
HB 4223 (Rep. David LaGrand) Courts: judges; procedure for certain circuit court judges to sit as judges of the court of claims; establish.
HB 4240 (Rep. Jeff Yaroch) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposition of funds from civil asset forfeiture; clarify.
HB 4241 (Rep. Douglas Wozniak) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposal of funds from seized vehicles; clarify.
HB 4701 (Rep. Gary Howell) Crimes: intoxication or impairment; methods of testing intoxication or impairment in the Michigan vehicle code; expand to include other bodily fluid.
HB 4724 (Rep. Graham Filler) Crimes: surveillance; exemption to the prohibition of recording a private conversation to allow a homeowner to conduct both audio and video recordings in his or her home under certain circumstances; provide for

Legislation Introduced
Recently, bills were introduced in the following areas of law:

At the Court

ADM File No. 2019-34: Proposed Amendments of Rule 2, Rule 3, Rule 4, Rule 5, Rule 6, and Rule 7 and Proposed Addition of Rule 3a and Rule 4a of the Rules for the Board of Law Examiners
The proposed amendments would implement a Uniform Bar Examination in Michigan.
Issued: 5/19/21
Comment Period Expires: 9/1/21

ADM File No. 2021-12: Proposed Amendments of MCR 2.117, 3.708, 3.951, 6.005, 6.104, 6.445, 6.610, 6.625, 6.905, 6.907, 6.937, and 6.938
The proposed amendments would generally shift the responsibility for appointment of counsel for an indigent defendant in a criminal proceeding to the local funding unit’s appointing authority. These proposed amendments were submitted by the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission, and are intended to implement recently-approved Standard Five of the MIDC Standards.
Issued: 5/19/21
Comment Period Expires: 9/1/21

At the Bar

Important Update about MiFILE
Improvements will be made to MiFILE in June of 2021.

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2021 Elections Open Friday May 21
Ballots for the 2021 State Bar of Michigan election were emailed on Friday, May 21, 2021, with online voting available through Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

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