Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan

August 2, 2021
Volume 19, Issue 31

At the Capitol

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At the Court

Rule Amendment
ADM File No. 2020-17: Addition of MCR 3.906
The addition of MCR 3.906 establishes a procedure regarding the use of restraints on a juvenile in court proceedings.
Issued: 7/28/21
Effective: 9/1/21

Proposed Amendment
ADM File No. 2020-08: Rescission of Administrative Order Nos. 2020-1, 2020-6, 2020-9, 2020-13, 2020-14, 2020-19, and 2020-21 and Amendments of Rules 2.002, 2.107, 2.305, 2.407, 2.506, 2.621, 3.904, 6.006, 6.106, 6.425, 8.110, 9.112, 9.115, and 9.221 of the Michigan Court Rules and Administrative Order No. 2020-17
These amendments largely reflect the substantive provisions of the remaining administrative orders adopted by the Court during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the orders have been rescinded or expired by their own terms. In this order, the Court rescinds all remaining active administrative orders entered during the pandemic except for the order regarding procedures specific to landlord/tenant actions (AO No. 2020-17, which is slightly modified as shown above to reflect the rescissions) and the order establishing a wholly online procedure for those taking the Michigan Bar Examination in July 2021 (AO No. 2021-2). Moving the substance of these provisions into a court rule amendment format returns the Court’s procedure to the typical court rule revision procedure. The intent of these amendments is to retain the existing practices courts have been operating under for an interim period while inviting public comment. The Court also anticipates comments in response to the reports of two groups of volunteers organized by the State Court Administrative Office (the Lessons Learned Committee and the Task Force on Open Courts, Media, and Privacy). Within the next several months, it is anticipated that the Court will consider further proposals for refinements of these and other new proposals to guide courts going forward.
Issued: 7/26/21
Effective: Immediately
Comment Period Expires: 11/1/21

At the Bar

You Now Have Access to Fastcase Legal Research
Casemaker and Fastcase merged in January of 2021 and united their shared mission to democratize the law. You can now access Fastcase’s legal research platform.

Judicial Vacancy—Alpena County Probate Court
Applications must be submitted electronically and received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 20, 2021.

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