Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan

October 31, 2022
Volume 20, Issue 42

The State Bar of Michigan will be closed on Friday, November 11, in observance of Veterans Day.

In the Capitol

The Michigan House of Representatives and Senate will be in session next on Wednesday, November 9.

House Session Schedule
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At the Court

November 16, 2022 Public Administrative Hearing

Rule Amendments
ADM File No. 2022-06: Amendment of MCR 3.101
The amendment of MCR 3.101 allows writs of garnishment to be served electronically on the Department of Treasury, subject to current e-filing requirements and guidelines established by the Department of Treasury.
Issued: 10/26/22
Effective: 1/1/23

Proposed Amendments
ADM File No. 2021-50: Proposed Addition of MCR 2.421
The proposed addition of MCR 2.421 would address notice of a bankruptcy proceeding that affects a pending state court action.
Issued: 10/26/22
Comment Period Expires: 2/1/23

ADM File No. 2022-05: Proposed Amendments of MCR 3.977, 3.993, 7.311, and 7.316
The proposed amendments of MCR 3.977, 3.993, 7.311, and 7.316 would establish a procedure for assessing whether a respondent in a termination of parental rights case was denied the effective assistance of appellate counsel, and if so, provide relief.
Issued: 10/26/22
Comment Period Expires: 2/1/23

ADM File No. 2022-32: Proposed Amendments of MCR 7.201, 7.202, 7.203, 7.204, 7.205, 7.206, 7.207, 7.208, 7.209, 7.210, 7.211, 7.212, 7.213, 7.215, 7.216, 7.217, and 7.219
The proposed amendments of subchapter 7.200 would make technical amendments of the COA rules in an effort to modernize them and ensure they reflect the COA’s established practices.
Issued: 10/26/22
Comment Period Expires: 2/1/23

ADM File No. 2022-01: Assignment of Business Court Judge in the 3rd Circuit Court (Wayne County)
Issued: 10/26/22
Effective: 1/1/23

Task Force on Forensic Science Wants to Hear from the Public

Grant of $419,292 to Support 92nd District Community Court

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