Limited Scope Representation Alert From State Bar of Michigan
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Exciting Limited Scope Developments

Please take this short survey so we can plan an appropriate LSR training program. The LSR Implementation Work Group is working with ICLE to create a comprehensive, Michigan-specific training to support limited scope practices. Its learning objectives include understanding the courtroom practices new to Michigan. We want to know what would be most helpful to those interested in developing or improving a limited scope practice.

Visit the State Bar Limited Scope Tool Kit to view helpful court forms, flow charts, articles, and video.

The June Michigan Bar Journal features two articles on LSR. The first encourages the practice and explains Michigan's New Limited Scope Rules. The second, a Future of Law column, profiles a successful LSR practitioner in An Affordable Alternative. Read about her experience and advice.

The NEXT Conference in Grand Rapids will feature a program on LSR co-sponsored by the Master Lawyers Section and Young Lawyers Section. Please mark your calendars for Friday September 28, 10:00 a.m. to noon, and please register for the program.

This Alerts messages email group will soon be converted to an interactive peer discussion group through the SBM Connect online portal. It will encourage learning and conversation among LSR practitioners. Stay tuned for information on how to join the Limited Scope Representation Discussion Connect group.

Thank you for your interest in limited scope practice in Michigan.