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In this episode of On Balance, guest host Darin Day talks with Judge Michelle Rick and attorney Kim Jones about Michigan’s rule changes for limited scope representation that aim to lessen the justice gap. They describe the new rules and give examples of how Michigan attorneys can provide these types of limited legal services to clients.

On September 20, 2017, the Michigan Supreme Court adopted rules providing clearer direction to attorneys offering limited scope representation. Limited scope representation allows attorneys to provide discrete legal services to clients as a more affordable option to traditional full-service representation. Based on the recommendation of the State Bar of Michigan 21st Century Practice Task Force, this rule proposal was created by the State Bar’s Workgroup on Unbundling and approved by the State Bar of Michigan Representative Assembly. The rules are effective January 1, 2018, and are available online. View an article regarding limited scope representation.

LSR Discussion Group

Join an online peer discussion and support group for limited scope practitioners, judges, those who want to learn more, or who are thinking about trying it out. It is designed to encourage open and respectful conversations, share experiences, ask questions, identify best and creative practices, collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals, and otherwise help in the successful implementation of the new rules in Michigan.

To join the discussion group, email Heather Anderson at

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Free Michigan-specific on-demand webinar now available from ICLE to support Michigan lawyers in becoming practice ready in limited scope work. More Information

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2018 M. Sue Talia Lecture Expanding Your Practice Using Limited Scope Representation | Written Summary with Michigan Rules Explanations

2017 Webinar Limited Scope Representation: Ethical & Practical Challenges | Written Summary

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