Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program

While we all face uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, the SBM’s Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program is publishing resources, articles, and news via Twitter to help during this time.  Follow us @MIStateBar_LJAP to keep up to date on these resources.

"The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program's goal is to support Michigan legal professionals to optimize their general wellness and/or to facilitate involvement in our monitoring program."

Who We Serve

  • Law students
  • Bar applicants
  • Attorneys
    • In good standing
    • Suspended
    • Disbarred
    • Re-instatement candidates
  • Judges
  • Family members
  • Colleagues
  • Other concerned parties

LJAP Helpline (800) 996-5522

Services Offered

  • Free consultations for legal professionals and their families
  • Clinical assessments
  • Short-term counseling on site for law students
  • Monitoring
  • Referrals to properly trained, credentialed and effective providers
  • Practicing wellness
  • Professional training and educational presentations

All services offered are confidential as regulated by HIPAA.

"We are celebrating 31 months of clean and sober living this week! When I first met you . . . it was a very dark time in my life. We have accomplished a lot in 2 1/2 years! I could not have done it without the LJAP program. The counseling, the supervision, and the random testing—the combination worked in my case."