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Economics of Law Practice Survey Results
Includes 6 reports spanning 18 years.

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Public Policy Update
The Public Policy Update is a free weekly electronic journal highlighting public policy issues of interest to the profession. [subscribe online]

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Presidential Visions

Presidential Visions Established in 1935, the State Bar of Michigan represents more than 41,000 practicing attorneys and judges. The mission of the Bar is to improve the administration of justice, promote the legal profession, and build public understanding of our legal system. These are all themes that come up again and again in Presidential Visions—a book that pays tribute to our devoted leaders over the past 75 years. The collective wisdom of their words guided and encouraged attorneys through good times and bad and still live to remind us that at the very core, the legal profession is a helping profession and that lawyers make a big difference in peoples' lives and for society. Order your copy online.

Michigan Bar Journal

The Michigan Bar Journal is the official publication of the State Bar of Michigan. It is published monthly, with a special directory issue in April.

April Directory
The April Directory issue of the Michigan Bar Journal is the indispensable resource for everyone connected with the legal profession in Michigan.

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