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Whether you began practicing law last week, last year, or 20 years ago, you probably discovered the hard way that the basics of running a business and managing a law practice isn't something you learned how to do in law school. Accounting problems, managing employees, high technology costs and learning curves, and building a client base keep you from doing what you really want to do—practicing law. Thanks to PRACTICE ez™, help is now as near as your computer or phone.

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On Balance Podcast

The State Bar of Michigan and Legal Talk Network podcast series, On Balance, features a diversified array of legal thought leaders. Hosted by JoAnn Hathaway of the bar’s Practice Management Resource Center and Tish Vincent of its Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program, the series focuses on the need for interplay between practice management and lawyer wellness for a thriving law practice.


How can firms create a culture that prioritizes health and well-being? In this On Balance Podcast, Tish Vincent and Rob Mathis talk to Anne Brafford about positive strategies for supporting well-being in the workplace. They focus on concrete ways firms can address problems and emphasize the positive effects that result from investing in a healthier work environment, including better productivity, increased client satisfaction, and greater profitability.

Anne Brafford (JD, MAPP, PhD in progress) is a former equity partner at Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius LLP and the founder of Aspire, an educational and consultancy firm for the legal profession.

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Recent Additions

In July:

Podcast: On BalanceAnne Brafford talks about positive strategies for supporting well-being in the workplace including focusing on concrete ways firms can address problems and emphasize the positive effects that result from investing in a healthier work environment.

In June:

Podcast: On BalanceDr. Noelle Nelson offers simple techniques for connecting with clients of all personalities and temperaments and teaches lawyers how to be an ally, even if they disagree with their client.

Law Practice Today—The Client Perspectives Issue

In May:

Podcast: On BalanceDr. Liane Davey, Ph.D, discusses a better way to engage in and resolve workplace conflict, building a healthier, more productive team dynamic in the process.

Law Practice Today—Women in the Law Issue

In April:

Podcast: On BalanceAllison Shields talks about how lawyers can do more in less time. They discuss the importance of setting goals and avoiding the discouraging pitfall of creating never-ending to-do lists.

Law Practice Today—The Young Lawyers Issue

In March:

Podcast: On BalanceVictoria Vuletich talks about what the law school experience is like for the current generation of students including: restructuring trends in the legal profession, technology advancements, shifting student learning styles, and increased support of student mental health.

Law Practice Today—The Niche Marketing Issue

In February:

Podcast: On Balance—JoAnn Hathaway and Tish Vincent talk to Harry Nelson about the opioid crisis and his book, The United States of Opioids: A Prescription For Liberating A Nation In Pain. They discuss the needs for reform in healthcare laws and greater access to treatment for opioid addictions.

Podcast: On BalanceJudge Michelle Rick and attorney Kim Jones talk about Michigan’s rule changes for limited scope representation that aim to lessen the justice gap.

Law Practice Today—The Careers Issue

In January:

Podcast: On Balance with featured guest Terry Harrell, the executive director of the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, and a member of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. They discuss the “Well-Being Report” created by the Task Force, which was written to be a road map forward for the profession as it shifts its mindset on lawyer well-being.

Law Practice Today—The Attorney Well-Being Issue

In December:

Law Practice Today—The Technology Issue

In September:

Podcast: On Balance with featured guest Clio CEO Jack Newton. Hosts talk about the 2018 Legal Trends Report and what it reflects about the legal industry. They discuss the data that’s included in the report and how attorneys can use this information to improve the business side of their practice.

Podcast: On Balance with featured guest Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port, who talks about what it means to be a lean law firm, addressing common misconceptions and the core ideas that make the system successful.

In August:

Podcast: On Balance with featured guest John Reed, who talks about essential marketing strategies for lawyers and how marketing differs from business development.

Law Practice Today—The Attorney Well-Being Issue

In July:

Podcast: On Balance with featured guest Shawn Healy, who talks about the prevalence of depression in the legal profession, why it’s so common, and how to practice wellness in a way that addresses depression before it reaches a crisis point.

Law Practice Today—The Diversity & Inclusion Issue

In June:

Podcast: On Balance with featured guest Andrew Elowitt, who has over 25 years of experience as both an executive and business lawyer with New Actions, a management consulting and coaching firm.

Law Practice Today—The Finance Issue

Limited Scope Tool Kit

In May:

Podcast: On Balance with featured guest Patrick Krill, Director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Legal Professionals Program

Law Practice Today--The Future of the Law Issue

In April:

Webinar Recording: Evernote as a Law Practice Tool

Webinar Recording: Microsoft Office 365

Law Practice Today--The Young Lawyers Issue

In March:

Essential Apps to Increase Efficiency in Your Law Practice

Law Practice Today--The Marketing Issue

In February:

Office 365 Trust Center

Microsoft Office Blogs

Book: Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers, 2nd Edition

Law Practice Today--The Women in the Law Issue