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Notice of Pre-dissolution Status for 3 Sections

Three sections have reached pre-dissolution status based on criteria adopted by the State Bar of Michigan Board of Commissioners. The Latin American Bar Activities, Law Practice Management and Legal Administrators, and Senior Lawyers sections face automatic dissolution unless corrective measures are taken by Jan. 30, 2022.

This notification is being sent to all licensed attorneys so that they are fully informed before making annual section membership selections and paying section dues during their annual State Bar of Michigan license renewal. (License renewal is expected to begin no later than Sept. 20. Please watch for a separate email with license renewal information.)

During license renewal, current members of the three inactive sections will automatically be re-enrolled in the section and charged dues unless they deselect membership. Nonmembers of these sections also have the option of choosing to join the section, pay the annual dues, and participate in the corrective actions necessary for the section to avoid dissolution. Those interested in helping a section return to active status are encouraged to submit this brief form.

For more information, the notices of pre-dissolution status are posted on each section’s webpage in SBM Connect.

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