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SOLACE is a program that helps deliver meaningful and compassionate support to members of Michigan’s legal community and their immediate families in critical need because of a sudden, catastrophic illness, injury, or event.

  • Who is eligible: Without regard to income or assets, all Michigan judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal assistants, legal administrators, law students, and their immediate families are eligible to request help through SOLACE.
  • How is SOLACE funded: The help provided to members of Michigan’s legal community in need is completely voluntary and based entirely on the goodwill of other members of the legal community that are willing and able to help.
  • How does SOLACE work:

​​Step 1: When a member of Michigan’s legal community experiences a sudden, catastrophic illness, injury, or event and wants help through SOLACE, the member submits a confidential SOLACE Request for Assistance form.SOLACE Acrostic

Step 2: A SOLACE team member will work with the member in need to prepare an email message with information about the member’s specific needs requesting practical and appropriate help.

Step 3: The request-for-assistance email message will be sent to SOLACE Network members and by SOLACE partner organizations to their members.

Step 4: Members of Michigan’s legal community who want to help will be instructed to send an email to and they will be connected to the member in need.


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If you are a member of Michigan’s legal community and you are experiencing a hardship, the SOLACE Team is here to help. Please fill out the SOLACE Request for Assistance form and someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours. You’re not in this alone.