Find new clients effortlessly.

Grow your business and expand your existing client base with this new resource.

We refer over 18,000 potential clients to lawyer referral panel members each year.

Calls are pre-screened by trained LRS specialists before referring them to your office to ensure the best client-lawyer match.

Your location and preferred language are considered when potential clients are screened.

The base fee for joining the SBM Lawyer Referral panel is only $150 for State Bar of Michigan members, with many add-ons available.


How it All Works

Callers can request a referral by phone at (800) 968-0738 or by submitting an online referral request. Once a match is located, the caller will pay a $25 administrative referral fee, which entitles the caller to a consultation of up to 25 minutes with a lawyer. Two full-time referral assistants field referral requests from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The new system has improved the intake process for consumers, provides a better match of consumers to attorneys, and automated the administrative process for panel members. The new paperless LRS Panel Member Portal allows participating lawyers to easily track and manage referrals, modify practice areas, and pay fees online.

What You Need to Do to Participate

If you are an active member of the State Bar and in good standing, and maintain malpractice insurance, you are eligible to become a LRS panel member and receive referrals. Your participation offers the opportunity to enhance your practice at a nominal fee. A key feature of the LRS program is having a free-of-charge, publicly available enhanced lawyer profile in the SBM online Member Directory. Panel members participating in the LRS program must have an enhanced profile, including a current photo.

Review the LRS rules including the eligibility requirements and conditions of panel membership before applying. Use the documents at the upper right to get started.

Go to the State Bar of Michigan Legal Resource and Referral Center website to register to become a LRS Panel member. Once you are on the website, click on Login in the upper right corner. The entire registration process is done online.

How to Join the SBM Lawyer Referral Service

LRS Rules
Logging into the LRS Online Panelist Portal
Quick Reference Guide/FAQ
Areas of Practice (for reference)

For questions about the Modest Means program, the Lawyer Referral Service, and Limited Scope Representation, or the registration process, please contact:

Janna Sheppard, LRS Coordinator or (517) 346-6357

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