Admission By Exam
Review and follow the steps listed below to complete an application to sit for the Michigan Bar exam.

Step 1: Eligibility Information

View the rules used to determine if you are eligible to sit for the Michigan Bar exam, information about the character and fitness review process, procedures for re-examinees, and answers to frequently asked questions. Proceed to Step 1

Step 2: Application

Application instructions, fees, deadlines, and frequently asked questions are provided at this step. Once you have completed and electronically submitted your application, you will need to follow the remaining steps to finish the application process. Proceed to Step 2

Step 3: Record Requests

  • Next, you need to request criminal history and certified driving records be sent to the Character & Fitness Department. This section also provides duplicate forms that may be needed to submit future application updates to the Character and Fitness Department. Proceed to Step 3

Step 4: Mailing

This step provides addresses and mailing tips. Proceed to Step 4

Step 5: Bar Exam

This step provides specific information about taking the bar exam and learning your results. Proceed to Step 5

Step 6: After the Exam

If you've passed the bar exam, there are just a few more steps you need to take before you'll be able to practice law in Michigan. Proceed to Step 6.