Step 4: Mailing

Michigan bar exam Application to Sit (F-1), Affidavit of Personal History (F-3), and the corresponding fees must be completed and submitted electronically.  VISA and MasterCard are accepted for fee payment. Instructions for application payment are provided after the application information has been completed and finalized at

Supplemental information and third-party documents may be submitted to the Character & Fitness Department via U.S. mail. Due to the volume of mail received, we are not able to confirm receipt of a specific item or application over the phone. Please mail your documents via U.S. mail, certified return receipt requested, use a courier with a tracking number system, or enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard with the document(s). We will gladly date stamp your postcard and return it to you, usually the same day the document is received.

State Bar of Michigan
Attn: Character & Fitness
306 Townsend Street
Lansing, MI 48933-2012

In general, if you receive an inquiry via email from the Character & Fitness staff, you may respond via email. The staff email message will specify if your response is required by letter. Questions about the character and fitness process may be sent to the Character & Fitness staff at

Original documents received from third-party agencies, such as police stations and courts, may be double sided. When submitting supplemental documents, please use paper clips and binder clips, do not use staples, plastic comb binding, 3-ring binder, or tabs.

Your answers on the Affidavit of Personal History are considered as continuing to be true until the date of your admission to the State Bar of Michigan. If any answer or portion of an answer ceases to be true, you have a continuing obligation to immediately inform the Standing Committee on Character and Fitness. All updates must be in writing. Please use the forms on Step 3 to update your application.