Client Protection Fund Overview

The Client Protection Fund (Fund) is a program established by the State Bar of Michigan Board of Commissioners, as authorized by the Michigan Supreme Court, to reimburse clients who have been victimized by lawyers who violate the profession’s ethical standards and misappropriate funds entrusted to them. For more information about the Fund, see the Client Protection Fund History.


The Fund’s mission is to promote public confidence in the legal profession and justice system.

Reimbursable Losses

The Fund reimburses losses caused by lawyers who misappropriate estate and trust assets, settlement funds, and unearned fees. The Fund will not reimburse losses attributable to legal malpractice, fee disputes, or consequential damages. For more information see FAQs.

SBM Contact Information

For more information about the Client Protection Fund, please contact: or (517) 346-6354.

Alecia M. Chandler
Professional Responsibility Programs Director
(517) 346-6328

Robin Lawnichak
Professional Standards Paralegal
(517) 346-6379
(800) 968-1442 x 6379

Felicia Alvarez
Client Protection Fund Legal Assistant
(517) 346-6309
(800) 968-1442 x6309