Special Committee on Professionalism and Civility


The Special Committee on Professionalism and Civility intends to be a resource to lawyers, judges, and those involved in the administration of justice to help promote the highest standards of personal conduct of lawyers and judges in the practice of law as articulated in Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 2020-23 - Professionalism Principles (”Professionalism Principles”) and any subsequent orders. The Special Committee will maintain an educational and promotional plan to (i) help ensure that the culture of the legal profession is consistent with the Professionalism Principles and (ii) secure commitments from those who participate in the legal profession to comply with the Professionalism Principles. The Committee will develop a consistent message to be used by the Committee, and will enlist others to help educate and work with all stakeholders in the administration of justice, including lawyers, judges, court staff, law firms, public and private employers of lawyers, law students, law schools, applicants to be admitted to the State Bar of Michigan, and others who participate in the legal process, including members of the public.

2023-2024 Committee List

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