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Professional Liability Insurance

About Rule 21Best PracticesResourcesMCR 9.315 and SBR 21(D) require attorneys serving as interim administrators to obtain and retain professional liability insurance covering their conduct as interim administrators. Note that this coverage may not be included in a standard legal malpractice insurance contract as the duties of an interim administrator are not to represent clients, but instead to act as a fiduciary for the affected attorney.

This requirement does not have to be met until the attorney seeks appointment through the circuit court to actively serve as interim administrator. However, attorneys designated as an interim administrator should consider what type of coverage they have (if any) and how interim administrator professional liability coverage could be obtained and retained. Moreover, the interim administrator should contact the attorney for whom they would serve as interim administrator to determine if their professional liability insurance will cover the acts of the interim administrator, because many legal malpractice insurance policies cover the acts of fiduciaries who are winding up or administering a law firm.

Current Professional Liability Insurers

Any insurance carriers interested in being included in this list should contact us at

Contact Info:
David Lipson, Paragon Underwriters
7115 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 500
West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322
Office: 248-851-3066 x555


CorePointe Insurance Company
Contact Info:
Pamela Allen, Alta Professional Insurance Services
Phone: (734) 838-9334


L Squared Insurance Agency, LLC
Contact Info:
Justin Norcross, L Squared Insurance Agency
2430 Camelot Ct SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: (616) 726-7081


This list is provided solely as a resource for interim administrators seeking to secure coverage under MCR 9.315.

The State Bar of Michigan does not offer any endorsement or recommendation regarding any specific lawyers professional liability insurer. Instead, this list includes any professional liability insurers that have informed the State Bar of Michigan of potential coverage in their policies that may cover the actions of an interim administrator. The State Bar of Michigan and any insurers referenced in the list above do not provide any assurances or guarantees of professional liability coverage. It is advised that any attorney or interim administrator seeking coverage should contact the lawyers professional liability insurers listed above directly for further details on any availability of coverage.