SOLACE Step by Step

Step 1: Fill out the SOLACE Request for Assistance online form.

Step 2: A SOLACE team member will work with you to prepare an email message with information about your specific needs as well as identifying practical and appropriate ways members of the SOLACE Network can help.

Step 3: The request-for-assistance email message will be sent to SOLACE Network members.

Step 4: Members of Michigan’s legal community who can help will be put in touch with you.

SOLACE Guidelines

  1. SOLACE is a voluntary program that seeks assistance for members of Michigan’s legal community and their immediate families in need because of a recent, sudden, catastrophic illness, injury, or event.
  2. In extremely limited circumstances, a “GoFundMe” or similar type of account may be set up on behalf of members in need when cash assistance is appropriate and necessary. In these limited circumstances, all funds must be sent directly to the "GoFundMe" or similar type of account established on behalf of the member in need. The State Bar of Michigan cannot accept, hold, or forward any funds or other donated items on behalf of members in need.
  3. SOLACE is available to all members of Michigan’s legal community, including judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal assistants, legal administrators, law students, and their immediate families.
  4. SOLACE helps members in need by sharing information about those needs via request-for-assistance emails sent to SOLACE Network members.
  5. Because the timing and frequency of the SOLACE process can vary, SOLACE should not be depended upon for time-sensitive needs and there should be no expectation regarding any outcomes. Even if a SOLACE request for assistance is approved for distribution, other members of the legal community may not be able to help with a particular need.
  6. SOLACE is not responsible for items provided to members in need.
  7. SOLACE requests for assistance will be handled as discreetly as possible. SOLACE reserves the right to edit any request for assistance prior to distribution. The identity of a member requesting help will not be intentionally revealed beyond the SOLACE Team and SOLACE Network members willing and able to help, unless expressly authorized by the member in need.
  8. Members of the SOLACE Network who are willing and able to help will send an email to with a brief description of the help they can provide.The SOLACE Network member will then be connected to the member in need, generally via email. The member in need will be responsible for coordinating the receipt of items requested through SOLACE.
  9. By submitting a SOLACE request for assistance, you authorize SOLACE, at its discretion, to modify and distribute your request to the SOLACE Network and other appropriate channels.