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What type of help is offered?

SOLACE offers a straightforward way for people to request specific help, in whatever form their situation might warrant. Examples of assistance provided through SOLACE programs in other states include:

  • When the quadriplegic wife of a solo practitioner needed rehabilitation, a SOLACE member helped navigate discussions with their insurance company to make sure she got the treatment required.
  • When the son of a paralegal needed to fly home from doing mission work abroad to receive cancer treatment, SOLACE members donated frequent flyer miles to help get the man and his family back to the country.
  • When a law student faced foreclosure while dealing with a serious illness, a SOLACE member was able to negotiate with the mortgage company and prevent the pending foreclosure.
  • When an attorney and his family could not afford the travel costs associated with specialized medical treatment for their infant son, SOLACE members donated frequent flyer miles and hotel points to help with the expenses.
  • When an attorney was away from home receiving cancer treatment, a SOLACE member volunteered to take care of the attorney’s dog.

Can I give (or request) money?

SOLACE encourages assistance or donations in kind. However, SOLACE programs in other states have found that many people want to donate money to help others in need. Consequently, “GoFundMe” and similar types of accounts may be set up on behalf of members in need when cash assistance is appropriate and necessary.

Who is eligible to receive help through SOLACE?

All members of Michigan’s legal community, without regard to their income or assets, are eligible to request help through SOLACE, including judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal assistants, legal administrators, law students, and their immediate families.

Are SOLACE requests anonymous?

SOLACE requests for assistance will be handled as discreetly as possible. The identity of a member requesting help will not be intentionally revealed beyond the SOLACE Team unless expressly authorized by the member in need.