How to Help

Current SOLACE requests for assistance are listed here. Members of the SOLACE Network also will receive emails alerting them when a member is in need. However, needs for assistance often are often sent to the members of the SOLACE Network best suited to be able to fulfill the request based on their geography, expertise, or affiliation.

Click on the request below to send an email to the SOLACE team about how you can help!

SOLACE Request for Assistance

Note: SOLACE primarily focuses on providing nonfinancial support for members of Michigan's legal community and their families. In extremely limited situations and after reasonable due diligence, information may be shared with the SOLACE Network regarding financial need. The fund listed above was created by the member in need and her family and is not operated or monitored by the State Bar of Michigan. 

SOLACE in Action

Through the generosity of the SOLACE Network, assistance has been provided to members of the legal community and their families, including a judge's widow who sought advice from others with experience dealing with grief, a law firm intake coordinator who needed to find affordable childcare options, and a solo practitioner who needed physical therapy equipment. Here's a look at some of the assistance provided by the SOLACE Network in Michigan to members of the legal community and their families: