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January 6, 2020
Volume 18, Issue 1

In the Capitol

01/09 Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration, 9:30 a.m. MORE

01/09 House Appropriations: Appropriations Subcommittee on Health & Human Services, Health Policy Joint Meeting, 10:30 a.m. MORE
Ruth Rondon: Human Trafficking Survivor, Discussing the Connection Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Human Trafficking
Kelly Carter: Executive Director of the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission, with Legislative Recommendations
Todd Reineck and Sue Lucas, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Discussing Experiences with Human Trafficking and Examples of Assistance Provided to Victims Within Michigan

At the Court

Michigan Supreme Court Announces January 2020 Oral Arguments Schedule
Proposed Amendments
ADM File 2002-37: Proposed Amendments of E-Filing Rules
The proposed amendments of MCR 1.109, 2.002, 2.302, 2.306, 2.315, 2.603, 3.222, 3.618, 4.201, and 8.119 are the latest proposed revisions as part of the design and implementation of the statewide electronic-filing system.
Issued: 12/18/19
Comment Period Expires: 4/1/20

ADM File No. 2019-13: Proposed Amendment of MCR 7.118
This proposal, suggested by the Prisons and Corrections Section of the State Bar of Michigan, would require counsel to be appointed to an indigent prisoner when an application for leave to appeal a grant of parole is filed by the prosecutor or victim. The right to counsel also would be included on the notice to be provided the prisoner.
Issued: 12/27/19
Comment Period Expires: 4/1/20

ADM File 2019-03: Amendment of MCR 8.110
The amendments of this rule expand and clarify the chief judge selection process, modify the judicial vacation standard as it relates to the number of carryover days and when they may be used, and allow the State Court Administrator to require a chief judge to attend training.
Issued: 12/18/19
Effective: 1/1/20

ADM File No. 2018-19: Amendment of MCR 3.229
The amendment of MCR 3.229 requires the filer to identify nonpublic documents when they are submitted to the clerk, and stipulates that the filer waives any claim of confidentiality where such documents are filed without a designation of confidentiality. These amendments update the language originally adopted by the Court as part of the civil discovery rules proposal in ADM File No. 2018-19.
Issued: 12/27/19
Effective: 1/1/20

ADM File 2019-37: Amendment of Administrative Order No. 2014-23
Issued: 12/18/19
Effective: 2/1/20

At the Bar

Judicial Vacancies—Genesee, St. Clair, & Wayne Counties

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