Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan

June 6, 2022
Volume 20, Issue 23

In the Capitol

6/7 Senate Judiciary & Public Safety, 8:30 a.m. MORE
SB 1027 (Sen. Michael D. MacDonald) Criminal procedure: other; prison diversion program for individuals in the possession of controlled substances; create.
Criminal Law Section Position on SB 1027: Support.
SB 1003 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Law enforcement: training; definition of peace officer in ORV laws; include.
HB 5117 (Rep. Rodney Wakeman) Probate: other; procedures regarding notice and priority of a funeral representative; modify.
HB 4698 (Rep. Thomas Albert) Crimes: penalties; penalties for falsely pulling an active shooter alarm in a public place; provide for.
HB 5749 (Rep. Andrew Fink) Courts: district court; compensation for district court judges; increase.
SB 1041 (Sen. Douglas Wozniak) Administrative procedure: exemptions; exemptions to the administrative procedures act; modify.
SB 1042 (Sen. Douglas Wozniak) Retirement: municipal employees; hearings for an individual, participating municipality, or participating court aggrieved by a decision of the system; provide for.
SB 870 (Sen. Jim Runestad) Crimes: larceny; use of a computer or similar technology to program a key code for automobile theft; prohibit, and provide penalties.

6/7 House Judiciary, 9:00 a.m. MORE
SB 134 (Sen. Curtis S. VanderWall) Crimes: fraud; manufacture, advertisement, sale, or distribution of synthetic urine or adulterant for purposes of defrauding urine drug test; prohibit.
SB 691 (Sen. Jim Runestad) Crimes: other; organized retail crime act; expand.
HB 5560 (Rep. Julie Rogers) Crime victims: other; information sharing by law enforcement of victim contact information with survivor programs; allow.
HB 5751 (Rep. Sara Cambensy) Animals: other; regulate the certification of an individual's need for an emotional support animal; provide for.
HB 5679 (Rep. Graham Filler) Crime victims: other; definition of serious misdemeanor in the crime victims act; modify.
HB 5680 (Rep. Ken Borton) Civil procedure: other; certain public video recordings of court proceedings; allow the victims' faces to be blurred.
HB 5681 (Rep. Greg VanWoerkom) Crime victims: statements; victim impact statements; allow to be made remotely.
State Bar of Michigan Public Policy Position on HB 5681: Support.
HB 6108 (Rep. Tommy Brann) Tobacco: other; youth tobacco act definition of minor; modify to less than 21 years of age.
HB 6109 (Rep. Tommy Brann) Tobacco: other; exemption from smoking prohibition in public places; modify age.

6/7 Senate Regulatory Reform, 3:00 p.m. MORE
Agenda Item of Interest:
HB 5512 (Rep. Julie Calley) Medical marihuana: other; inconsistencies between the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and certain parts of the revised judicature act of 1961 related to drug treatment courts; resolve in favor of the revised judicature act of 1961.
State Bar of Michigan Public Policy Position on HB 5512: Support.

6/8 House Financial Services, 12:00 p.m. MORE
Agenda Item of Interest:
SB 315 (Sen. Jim Runestad) Occupations: securities; notification and temporary hold on certain account disbursements for the protection of certain adults by broker-dealers and investment advisors; allow.
Elder Law & Disability Rights Section Position on SB 315: Oppose.
Probate & Estate Planning Section Position on SB 315:Support.

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Legislation Introduced
Recently bills were introduced in the following areas of law:

At the Court

Rule Amendments
ADM File No. 2021-31: Amendment of MCR 8.110
In light of the federal Act making Juneteenth a federal holiday (PL 117-17), this amendment similarly requires that courts observe Juneteenth as a holiday.  
Issued: 6/1/22
Effective: Immediately

Proposed Amendments
ADM File No. 2021-20: Proposed Amendment of MCR 6.001 and Proposed Addition of MCR 6.009
The proposed addition of MCR 6.009 would establish a procedure regarding the use of restraints on a criminal defendant in court proceedings that are or could be before a jury, and the proposed amendment of MCR 6.001 would make the new rule applicable to felony, misdemeanor, and automatic waiver cases.
Issued: 6/1/22
Comment Period Expires: 10/1/22

Independent Evaluation: MI-Resolve, Zoom Rated as Effective Tools for Dispute Resolution

Chief Justice McCormack to Swear in Court of Appeals Judge Patel

Michigan Supreme Court Approves Juneteenth Court Holiday

Justice for All Commission Releases 2021 Annual Report

At the Bar

June 10 Board of Commissioners Public Policy Agenda
The SBM Board of Commissioners will be considering several public policy items at its June 10 meeting. The public policy agenda can be reviewed online. Members of the State Bar are invited to submit comments to the Board of Commissioners on any of the items on the agenda. All comments received before the meeting will be shared with the Board.

Representative Assembly member Clarence Dass remembered for service to community
Oakland County attorney Clarence Dass, a member of the State Bar of Michigan Representative Assembly, died Sunday, May 29, 2022, at the age of 36.

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